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First Things…

Question: Do we really need another blog about writing?

Answer: Probably not.

Question: Then why are you here?

Answer: Because I like it here.

I know why you’re here. You’re curious about this little writerly blog and wondering if there is enough practical wisdom or entertainment value in it to merit regular reading. (Either that, or you’re related to me. Hi, Mom.) If you came here hoping to find a blog written by a famous, widely-read author who might, in the course of sharing his writerly journey with practiced humility and choreographed candor, accidentally let slip the carefully-guarded secret to publishing success, this isn’t it.

Nope. I’m not that guy. (Though, like you, I am writing a novel that I am reasonably certain will be both a literary and a commercial blockbuster. Check back in a couple years. Meanwhile, if you beat me to it, will you let me touch the hem of your garment? A little proximal magic couldn’t hurt.)

I am an editor. If you tend to read books that come off the Christian fiction shelves at your local bookstore, it’s possible you’ve read a book I edited. (Go ahead and read the Stephen Who? page for more info about me.)

Back so soon? Wait, you didn’t click the link, did you. Then you’re missing out on an awfully cute picture of a kitty snuggling with a puppy. C’mon, click it.

[Insert tick-tock sound here and/or visual of blog author tapping fingers on table while staring at the ceiling.]

Welcome back. Sorry about that little deception. I know how much you were looking forward to that picture.

Now where was I? Right. I’m an editor.

I have had the privilege of working with a number of “first-time” novelists. (If you’ve been writing for a few years, you know that “first-time” designation can be misleading. Many of these authors had written a number of novels before finally publishing one.) I’ve also enjoyed working with a few seasoned authors. Second only to my own writing (a process I lovingly compare to performing open-heart surgery on myself without the benefit of anesthesia), the thing I enjoy the most is investing in someone else’s story and helping the author slice his or her way through the jungle to reveal the beautiful mystery of a well-told tale.

If you met me at Starbucks, you might initially mistake me for part of the furniture. I blend well. But get me talking about books or music or movies and you’ll soon discover I know a little something about words. And although I know the rules well enough, I’m not a particularly “by the books” editor (don’t tell my publisher friends). I edit by instinct and am currently pursuing a master’s degree in making this up as I go from the Indiana Jones school of editing. It’s an entertaining adventure. I am passionate about what I do and sometimes can get a little snarky, but everything I say and do is born of a love for the written word.

I’m planning all sorts of potentially life-altering posts for this blog. In addition to the requisite wisdom and foolishness that will bear my imprimatur, I’ll share some of my favorite words that other people have written – and tell you why I like them. I’ll challenge you with writing exercises. I’ll host the occasional contest and give out really swell prizes (and by “swell” I mean odd and yet strangely compelling). And, if the wind is blowing just right when Marilynne Robinson or J.K. Rowling or Stephen King saunter by on their way to another success, I will pass along that carefully-guarded secret. (As long as you promise to keep it to yourself.)

Here’s one more reason why you might want to come back: I’m the only Stephen Parolini who is writing about writing. I’m one of a kind. I know. Makes your head spin, doesn’t it.

Either you’ll like it here or you won’t. If you do, tell your friends. If you don’t, then only tell friends who think you’re a master of reverse psychology.

Oh, and fair warning: I push at the edges sometimes both in my editing and in my blog-writing. I don’t do this for the sake of edge-pushing. I just want to be true to who I am as an editor and writer…and I’m a real work in progress. A messy work in search of truth that matters. So, if you’ve arrived here from a rather conservative blog or link and you’re easily offended by occasional words or thoughts that don’t fit neatly in the Christian marketplace, you might want to slip away quietly. I won’t judge you for leaving. I’d appreciate it if you don’t judge me for my rough edges.

Next post? Something scintillating. Or a picture of a kitty snuggling with a puppy. I haven’t decided yet.

Have a great day. Write well.

10 thoughts on “First Things…

  1. I am so excited that you will be starting this blog. I already have it on my “Favorites” list and I am looking forward to reading all the brilliant pieces of information.
    Good luck!

    1. Wow, you commented even before the post was written. You must be a prophetess. (Actually, thanks for visiting the work-in-progress and leaving such a hope-filled comment. I’ll do my best to post brilliant pieces of information. Got any suggestions on where I can find some?)

  2. What amazingly, interesting timing. Just this morning I was thinkin’ about when you were gonna launch this (not-so) uber-secret blog of yours, and voila! I sign on to Twitter, see your tweet with the link, and BAM! It’s here!

    I looks great, and based on your words of encouragement elsewhere, I knowknowKNOW this spot will be of great service to many.

    Congratulations, Stephen…this looks to be the start of something wonderful :).

    (off to retweet the link!!)


  3. I’m here because Robin said you’re an amazing writer;) You’ve captured my attention already and look forward to see what’s next!

    Congrats on your blogging adventure!

    1. Robin is very kind. But now I have to live up to “amazing.” Just to manage expectations, perhaps you can replace “amazing writer” with “a reasonably talented writer when the wind is blowing right and he’s not mired in uncertainty.”

      But I’m glad your attention was captured. [Passive sentence. Avoid these when possible.]

  4. I saw a request on twitter to have a look and so I did. I like your writing style…..I am new to blogging, but will be following you and will retweet your link from twitter. SEKert, and my business site, CMCNA. I also have a blog site, but I”m afraid the writing is pretty scary. The ideas are good though….elisesessays.blogspot.com;

    Anyway, good luck and thanks for being there!

    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I think it’s pretty normal to think our own writing is scary. I know I’m afraid of mine. I’ll stop by for a visit soon. And keep on writing. I think that’s the main thing.

  5. I vote for a scintillating picture of a kitty snuggling with a puppy.

    Adding you to my RSS feed. Looking forward to this, the only Stephen Parolini who is writing about writing. Truly.


    1. I’ll work on tracking down that scintillating picture. And if at any point you come across another Stephen Parolini who is writing about writing, please let me know. I might need to stalk his mailbox. You know, so I can make sure he’s not getting my mail by mistake. I wouldn’t even think of taking his royalty checks from St. Martin’s Press. Nope. The thought never occurred to me.

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