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Things I’ve Said on Twitter

This is a totally lame excuse for a post. It’s just a bunch of stuff I’ve tweeted over the past couple of months. Some of you have already been subjected to this madness and would rather be pecked to death by a sparrow than read it again. This isn’t for you. This is for those of you who don’t tweet…or who were too distracted by tweets about Justin Bieber to notice mine.

Many of these have something to do with writing. The rest have more to do with my personal psychoses. Feel free to offer your diagnosis in the comments.

While you amuse yourselves with this, I’ll go write a real post.

*Note of warning to those of you with severe OCD: These tweets are almost all in chronological order (from most recent to…not so recent). Did you notice that word “almost”? Yup. I did this to mess with your head.

Twitter recap 1
Twitter recap 2
Twitter recap 3
Twitter recap 4
Twitter recap 5

That should do it for today. Now you know what it’s like to be waterboarded. Thing is, I’ve got pages and pages of this crap. So you’ll probably see a few more pages the next time I pretend to care about how often I blog.

Now, back to that post I was writing. It’s about wasting readers’ time with filler.

No, it’s not. But wouldn’t that be clever and ironic?

11 thoughts on “Things I’ve Said on Twitter

    1. Okay. This is me getting back to writing. I’m channeling my inner Paul (the apostle as quoted in Colossians, not the Paul represented by my middle name…which is actually Paul, by the way) and writing this in my own hand.


      Me too.

  1. where do you get these things? they drive me crazy because I don’t like retweets but I’m always *forced* to retweet yours.

    1. where do i get these things? from my brain. or heart. or my writing staff*. i suppose they’re actually stitched together from stuff i’ve observed and experienced and (quite possibly) stolen over the years. but then again, isn’t everything?

      *no. i don’t have a writing staff. this is all me, all the time. i’m happy to take both blame and credit.

  2. And you know, of course, all of these are enshrined by Library of Congress, which just the other day announced it’s archiving everything on Twitter. So, we all get our 15 minutes!

    1. I think tweets only account for five or six minutes of our 15. At least, that’s what I’m counting on. I need the possibility of another nine or ten as motivation to finish my novel.

  3. To think that I had tweeted the link to one of your previous blogs, not knowing that you’re already on Twitter! 🙂

    Following you now.


  4. Regarding the bacon flavored newspaper, you could add scratch and lick stickers such as eggs benedict, toast with various flavors of jellies and of course COFFEE.

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