10 Things Writers Can Learn from a Brick

All those “list” posts for writers annoy me. Especially the ones I’ve written. Most especially, this one:

1. A brick is skilled at staying on task. Put one in front of a computer, it will sit there for hours.

2. A brick doesn’t jump in front of a truck when it gets a rejection letter.

3. A brick understands the importance of structure.

4. A brick rarely complains on Twitter and Facebook about the unfairness of bricklayers.

5. A brick isn’t jealous of other bricks. (Except those at J. K. Rowling’s house.)

6. A brick doesn’t stress over its Amazon.com ranking.

7. A brick can build a bridge or start a revolution.

8. A brick isn’t perfect. It’s okay with that.

9. With a little help, a brick can fly.

10. Bricks never waste your time with “10 Things…” posts.

11 Replies to “10 Things Writers Can Learn from a Brick”

  1. Despite its imperfections, a brick does have a solid character. And when it does fly, it can break barriers; usually those made of glass.

  2. This post made me laugh. I’ll be back for more! Love your humor. I found your tweets funny and clever so I decided to come here and check out what else you wrote. I wasn’t disappointed.

  3. A brick is also a wonderful construction material and looks quite dashing in various colors.

    (And we’ll just go with ‘9’ is the best on there…though I fear for the countless broken window panes…)


  4. “A brick is skilled at staying on task. Put one in front of a computer, it will sit there for hours.”

    Well, I’ve definitely got the *sitting* part down. It’s the productivity part that’s hard. :3

    All excellent points, though.

  5. Hubby and I were recently upstaged at a Halloween Costume Ball, when our costumes lost out…..to a brick and her brick layer.

    We were dressed as Polly the Overly Inflated Plastic Blow-up Dolly and Pinocchio the Dirty Old Man.

    Sadly, we came away slightly jealous of a brick…..

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