9 thoughts on “Summoning the Muse

  1. It’s always great to see people writing about muses. Have you watched Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk on the genius? It’s wonderful. I have to tell you, my muse is very predictable, so I’m the one who tends to stay away, because when I say okay you can, um, enmuse me, I can guarantee it’s going to be a very strong thing, almost overpowering, and I don’t always want that – because I need to vacuum the house or do the grocery shopping. Oh, and my muse *is* entirely without mercy! But sorry to be contradictory 😉 As my nana says, everyone is different (and so of course everyone’s muse will be different too.)

    1. My muse likes to think all muses are just like her…but not quite as pretty. She can be a little full of herself sometimes. I like that your muse is predictable. Perhaps I can borrow yours when mine’s out skydiving with Elvis? I’ll have to look up the TED talk. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. My muse is flighty, unpredictable, and often quite sulky. The best part about her is that when she gets over her sulk, she decides that all that sulking time was actually “coming up with marvellous ideas” time, and she demands that I drop everything for as long as it takes to spit it all out.

    Thanks for the incentives and ideas. Maybe they’ll help me wrangle my muse into a more regular schedule.

  3. I’m finding lately, my muse has developed schizophrenia or has cloned herself – she’s every bloody where! Not yet sure this is good .. they’re arguing a fair bit :/

  4. My muse is completely out of control. She mopes, sulks and likes to throw a tantrum of astounding perfection. She’s flighty, hot headed and at the strangest times…. Soothing. She sweeps in like a tempest and scatters her random rants across the floor, only to stack them in neat piles later. Hoping that I might make sense of her seductive stares and girlish delights.

    Here’s to those who struggle to keep their own muse in check! They are a delight…

    1. Usually, the muse finds you. The key is to write, write, write. And read a lot, too. When you’re doing both of these diligently, your writing voice will begin to appear on the page. That’s usually when the muse shows his/her face.

      Or for some, the muse is simply a real-life person who not only believes in your writing, but serves as inspiration for it.

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